The mad titan Thanos may have snapped his fingers, but there’s still hope for the abused and neglected children of Brevard County.

The 8th annual Super Hero 5k and 1-mile Fun Run will assemble honorary members of the Avengers, X-Men, Justice League, Guardians of the Galaxy and other costumed comic book characters to raise funds for the greatest cause this side of the multiverse: Brevard County kids in need.

The Super Hero Run welcomes cosplayers and runners of all ages and abilities (competitive, casual, enhanced, mutant or otherwise) to participate. Complimentary food and drinks are provided to all participants and super-sized fun is guaranteed!

Race logistics are managed by Running Zone of Melbourne, Fla. Online registration is available at:

Wearing a superhero or other kid-friendly costume of any kind is encouraged but not mandatory.

Super Hero Run host organization Friends of Children of Brevard County, Inc. uses race proceeds to support the local Guardian At Litem (GAL) program and help its real-life superhero volunteers—or “VCAs”— provide normalcy and comfort to children whose

lives have been turned upside down by neglect, abuse and abandonment.

Learn more about Friends of Children at:

For more information on the Guardian Ad Litem program, please visit the GAL website at or contact The GAL Office at (321) 609-6823.

About Friends of Children of Brevard County, Inc.

Friends of Children of Brevard (Friends) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that raises funds to provide for the unmet needs of abused, neglected or abandoned children in Brevard County. Friends has been helping these children achieve normalcy since 1985 and relies on donations and fundraisers to make this happen. When a child leaves their home without a backpack, shoes, toys or wants to go to Summer Camp, these Guardians call Friends for financial support. Dreams come true, with added funding and presents during the holidays, from this hard-working nonprofit. All money donated and raised goes directly to children in Brevard County.